Delivery Information


The shipment of our products is done as quickly and professionally as possible for our whole inventory. Starting with our tables, passing through our rackets and ending with our accessories, we have established high quality standards to satisfy you, our customer.

Indeed, we offer a delivery service flexible and adapted to your need. Once the order has been placed on the website, a customer service representative will communicate with you to clarify and to confirm shipping fees as it can’t be calculated without the address of delivery provided upon placement of the order. The shipping fees will vary depending on the region where it’s shipped and the condition of the delivery (residential or commercial, tailgate needed, rendezvous for delivery needed). A security deposit of 175$ is added on the order upon placement and will be deducted of the total shipping cost that will be paid once the table leave our warehouse.

 We also offer the preassembled tables, except for the 510M,the 850 WOOD and the PARK tables, for a fixed price of 99$.